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Capitalocracy is a project I’ve initiated at to organize voters who wish to vote for third parties but feel that, with little or no chance of actually winning an election, their vote is better spent ensuring that the better of the two “viable” candidates is elected. This is for presidential races, of course; in local politics, there is often only one viable candidate.

I define the political system in the United States as a capitalocracy, a republic whose policymakers are chosen by a combination of the people, who vote based on information filtered through think tanks and media which represent capital, and the wealthy class and corporations who provide most of the campaign funding, thereby giving them first pick of the candidates offered to the voters to choose from, and whose policymakers are representing capital rather than the citizenry. In a capitalocracy, the possession of wealth provides a position of power even in matters which are not related to purchasing power, markets, or other economic matters, but in representation, legal protection, and legal immunity. As a simple example, if I burned noxious gas in my home, my neighbors could sue me and I would be subject to criminal prosecution, but a large enough business can get away with poisoning entire populations.

My proposal is this: If those who are afraid that voting for a third party will risk putting the worst viable candidate in power organize themselves and form a database listing themselves by district, they may begin to see that there are a large number of people, as polls have shown, interested in opening up the political system to a plurality of voices. When they gather together in this type of organization, we can organize an electoral coup to elect a third party candidate who will work toward policies which open up the political system when we have enough confirmed voters to win. This can be done on a local, state, or national level as the organization grows.

The only thing you need to do to participate is let me know you want to be part of the project. It’s just getting started now, but as it grows, we’ll put together a database that you can sign up to be a part of, and when enough voters have joined up in your area to win an election, we will choose a candidate, receive confirmation of vote pledges from participants, and send you out to vote. Falling short of a majority, you can vote for third parties or your choice of the lesser of two evils. The idea is to start in local areas, especially those that do not even have viable competition from the two major parties, so tell your friends and family to join as well.

The website is You can sign your name there, join the forum, or email me at to express your interest. I’m looking for contributors as well, as the idea is to put together a collaborative site, so if you wish to submit any opinion articles of your own or items of interest, just email me.


Written by Alex (Capitalocracy)

October 31, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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